How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

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There are a myriad of products that claim to help in the fight against acne outbreaks. Whether it is man-made, a natural product, or a combination of both, they all claim to be the remedy. But one of these natural treatments that stands out is tea tree oil for acne treatment and acne scars.

It is one of the most popular acne treatments available, and many people use it for the treatment of acne. That is why we are taking a closer look at this natural product for the treatment of acne breakouts.

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What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is an extract that comes from the Australian tea tree, the Melaleuca alternifolia, a tall myrtle shrub. The oil is extracted by steaming the leaves of the tea tree. It is not well known why or how the tea tree oil works for acne problems, only that it contains antiseptics.

Tea tree oil is commonly used to treat acne breakouts on the skin of the face and many other things. It is used as a topical treatment on top of the skin to soothe the outbreaks and to treat the skin

How Does Tea Tree Oil Work?

This oil is a natural antiseptic and is very good for many types of skin treatments and ailments of the skin. This product is especially good for the treatment of oily skin types and acne-prone skin problems and all its after-effects. Tea tree oil will also help to heal the scars that were left by pimples and other severe acne.

This is currently considered the best natural remedy for the treatment of acne by many people, and that is no wonder because many experts are using it in a variety of skincare products in the production process.

Acne needs certain conditions to develop in the skin, but if one of these conditions is removed, it can not develop.

By applying tea tree oil, it will help to prevent the growth of the P. acnes bacteria that is needed. This happens because of the antiseptic properties of the oil is fighting the bacteria necessary for acne development, and in this process, it is removing one of the conditions for the acne to become active. That is why tea tree oil is very effective and useful in the treatment of acne.

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How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Here are a few methods to use the tea tree oil for the effective treatment of acne on your face.

Method 1: Use as a spot treatment

When purchasing tea tree oil, make sure you get the right product, and it is 100 percent pure tea tree oil. You do not want other chemicals on your skin when treating an acne outbreak that is in non-original products. You may dilute it yourself to make sure you are in control of the treatment and strength of the tea tree oil.

Wash your skin thoroughly with a mild soap or cleanser before applying tea tree oil to the skin. The tea tree oil must be applied to clean and dry skin for the oil to work properly with the acne.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Before you apply the tea tree oil to your skin, you should test it on your hand or any other spot. You must make sure that it does not irritate the skin before applying it to the acne on your face.

If the tea tree oil is too strong for your skin, you can dilute it with water until it is mild enough. To make a spot treatment, you can mix it with water or aloe vera or even raw honey.

Use a cotton bud and apply the oil or the oil mixture directly to the pimple on your skin. Use only a few drops of oil on the cotton bud, and it should be enough to treat the acne. That should be enough to dry it out and disinfect it.

You should leave the oil or mixture on the acne for a few hours or even overnight. You can rinse your face with warm water after the tea tree oil has done its work on the acne, or you can clean your face with a mild cleanser.

This treatment should be done daily to get the best results, and you can apply it at any time. It will help to reduce the breakouts on the skin and help disinfect any bacteria present.

Method 2: Use as a face treatment

Tea tree oil can be added to a homemade face mask for an extra benefit to the face mask. Use your regular face mask and add a few drops of tea tree oil to add an antiseptic treatment to it.

It can also be used with a homemade face scrub to cleanse the face skin from any impurities. By adding tea tree oil, the scrub gives it an extra edge against any bacteria.

You can add a few drops of tea tree oil daily to your daily moisturizer to combat acne. This will allow protection for your skin against the daily onslaught of impurities and bacteria.

You can even add the oil to your bath water to have a skin cleansing refresher and protection. The steam rising from the bathwater is infused with the oil to give you a great skin treatment.

Whenever you buy your skin treatment products, make sure they contain tea tree oil in it.


As you can see, tea tree oil is quite an effective treatment against acne breakouts. It is good practice to first test the product on a small part of the skin and consult your doctor if your acne persists. See the Acne No More website for more about the treatment of acne.

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